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Best Betting Sites Online

To turn on your computer and enjoy the brightness of sports world just from your screen. Not only enjoy but also take part in this exciting competition of strength and endurance. Choose any sports event you like whether it will be a football match or tennis set to make your predictions concerning the game or players and win some cash if you are right.

It is like lottery. But this time you are dealing with real people and real life events. What can be more exciting than waiting for the outcome of the game when your choice means a lot… or just bring you some cash to enjoy.

Top Online Betting Sites

Modern online betting sites available in various languages and provide their services for many players worldwide. You can choose among a wide range of currencies available to deposit and play with. All you need is just to register an account and place your first bet.

Pick your team, learn more about the latest sports news as well as read the stats. You also can watch special demo videos that explain in quite simple and entertaining way how to place bet or what things to pay attention to deciding which sports event is the best to bet on. We offer you the list of the most reliable and trusted online betting sites that are user-friendly and provide you with a lot of features to appreciate.

If you are a newbie you can learn more with various tutorial and demo videos or just join some community available as a part of online betting site to find out more about the sports betting as well as betting statistics. For example, there are several types of bets you can make online.

Betting spread is the most popular among them. It allows you to bet on the amount of points scored on the actual ending score of the game. You make a bet on how close the spread will be. It is quite easy bet to make and we recommend it for the first time gamblers betting online.

Betting Bonus

Most betting online sites offer you to take advantage of various bonuses to place bets with free cash. Usually, you can get such attractive bonus as a new player.

It can be Match bonus on the first deposit or just free bet. You also can get free no lose bet. It means that you should deposit your money and place your bet. If you lose you will get a refund equal to your bet placed. It is quite fair and allows you to avoid risks just for the first bet to make.

Deposit Bonus

Note that some promotions are not available for the residents of some countries or, for example, you should make your first deposit with required payment method to get your bonus. Read all the terms and conditions attentively to avoid some misunderstanding and take advantage of bonus offers provided.

Sometimes online betting sportsbook offers you to take advantage of various promotions depending on the sports you decide to bet on or sports event, for example some championship, you want to make prediction for. It can be like a tournament to take part in when you have some prize pool to win. All you need is to make some deposit required on the necessary sports event and wait whether you win some extra award in addition to your main prize.

Free Bet Bonus

Free bet offers are the most popular bonuses available with online betting sites. Thus, you have the opportunity to place your bet spending nothing at all as well as to check the quality of the services provided by the online sportsbook you have chosen. Of course, there are some requirements to meet before any withdrawal can be made, but still you have chance to check how easy it is to withdraw your winnings.

While registering an account you can choose the currency you want to bet. We also advice you to check whether the country of your residence is accepted for the free bet bonus. As usual there is a long list of the countries that are not eligible for the sign up bonus.

Exclusive Bonus

Read our comprehensive online betting sites reviews that also include special promotions from the most trustworthy and popular online sportsbook in the industry. Just use special coupon codes provided visiting our site and get some exclusive bonuses to enjoy. Usually, it can be a free bet offer that enables you to start betting online with free cash to wager.

Of course, there are also some turnover requirements to meet before any withdrawal can be made. We offer you to join only the best online sportsbooks to have a great time as well as make some profits with the world of sports.

Soccer Betting Sites

Today most online betting websites offer you live betting to place bets on soccer / football in real time. Thus, you can learn not only the statistics or the previous bets placed, but also the current match that is played when you place your bet. You have three main soccer leagues available to enjoy. The English Premier, MLS and Italian soccer leagues are at your disposal to place bets and win some cash.

You also can choose among other leagues as well as tournaments that are held throughout the year. Of course, the biggest and most fascinating is the World Cup Championship. The best teams with the best players compete for such a prize and the whole world tries to guess who wins and who lose. Join this crowd to express your own opinion and get some nice award.

Football Betting Sites

Football or American football as you can find it in various online betting sites includes NFL betting, College Football betting and United Football League betting. We are going to talk about NFL betting that begins with preseason games starting in August and continues right through to the Super Bowl held in February.

Most online betting sportsbooks offer you to bet on Super Bowl odds, weekly games, player props, total team wins as well as odds to win the AFC or NFC conference.

NFL betting is very popular because of the ability to watch all these games on TV. When you have any of the NFL packages available with DirecTV, DISH or ESPN you just can bet in every game and watch it to enjoy the whole process.

Those who don’t have such packages can still watch more then three games a week broadcast by some of national networks such as NBC, CDS or ABC. Thus, television still has enormous impact on the popularity of some or another event. By the way, live betting is also quite amazing thing to enjoy and take advantage of.

Hockey Betting Sites

NHL betting rules are quite similar to baseball betting. Choosing to take advantage of online hockey odds you will deal with money lines and totals. With such type of hockey bet as money line you just place the money down on who you suppose will win the game outright against the hockey odds.

There is no point spread for NHL betting. Only money line to appreciate NHL sports betting.

Basketball Betting Sites

There are NBA, WNBA and college basketball betting available for most online sportsbooks. You can enjoy NBA basketball betting starting from late October to June when the NBA Finals occur.

With a lot of fans and sportsbook offers you should note that NBA betting is rather different from other sports. It is also because of so many games on the boards. Anyway, you have enough time to find your favourites during the whole season and place your bets accordingly.

Baseball Betting Sites

Every decent player has ever placed bets on baseball. Wagering on totals seems to be the choice of most people. If you are looking for baseball betting totals you should note some things. When you rely on statistics of the previous years, there is always a chance that the data provided is not so true.

The umpires are human and their trends are not so easy to follow and make some conclusion from. Anyway, statistics help you to figure out the basic things about baseball players and season on the whole.

Rugby Betting Sites

Every four years twenty national teams compete for the Rugby World Cup as well as numerous teams compete for various regional qualifying tournaments. For example, you can look for the Guinness Premiership, Heineken Cup, Six Nations, Challenge Cup or Super 14. Thus, you have enough options to place your bet on and have a great time.

MMA Betting Sites

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts betting is available with most popular online sportsbook. You can choose among such competitions as IFL, Heroes & Elite XC, Cage Rage, UFC, WEC, ICON, StrikeForce, K-1, etc. Read more about different fighters, their styles and techniques to choose the best one or just to make predictions about every game.


When there is no popular and fierce fighters, players don’t have much passion to place bets on boxing. Anyway, you can visit online sportsbook and find boxing betting odds almost every month. Boxing betting is done on a money line basis that is similar to baseball and hockey betting. Just choose the boxer you like the most and make your predictions to win.


To start enjoying UFC betting we offer you to learn the styles of various fighters to place your bets wisely. With various techniques that include grappling and ground fighting, UFC betting has become rather popular these days. Learn more about the players, the fighters who use a combination of various styles and techniques such as boxing or jiu-jitsu to be prepared for such show and choose the best fighter to make your profits.


Strikeforce championship odds as usual can be found within MMA section. There are quite a lot of various reviews, statistics and prognoses to consider while making your choice concerning who wins during the fight. Anyway, you can just have your own favourite players to bet on them only and believing in your or their luck.

M1 Global

The Last Emperor, Bigfoot, lion-like courage… Fierce and determined fighters are here to make your life more thrilling. Just watch their fights and try to predict who wins this time. Most online sports betting sites provide you with special odds on the most popular events to enjoy with MMA and M1 Global as well.

Tennis Betting Sites

Being the second popular sports after soccer, tennis has also gained its popularity in other countries than Great Britain. With tennis betting you have several players who dominate the odds and who attract your attention when you place a bet. Seems to be easier to predict with less options to choose. However, it is as exciting as any other sports to place your bets on.