Betting During The Matches

Usually even after 15 minutes of a match you can make your conclusion about the game, about the spirit of each team, about some players’ activity, about the field conditions (it is very important for some championships and for bets on total).

And this opinion is not always the same as before the match. And such bet is supposed to be at least not a lost one. In addition for 15-20 minutes of playing the odds are usually changing.

Real Examples: How To Bet During The Matches

Here are some examples. The odds of above the total was 2.5 and has increased at the average on 0.5 points, the odds of above the total only in the first half was 0.5 and then has increased by 0.3 at the average. Somebody considers it to be a little amount, but if you bet 1000 rubles on the total of the first half, and your team wins, the difference will be about 300 rubles.

One more example, if you think that the favorite of this match will win, but the coefficients are so low on it that you are not sure whether to stake, then wait a little, the coefficient on victories also changes. If you want to bet on a team, which odds is (-1.5), then in 15 minutes of playing, if there won’t be any goals, you will be able to make a bet almost with the same coefficients but the odds will be (-1).

Some bookmaker’ offices propose a bulk of live bets, for instance, Bwin proposes such bets as “What team will score the next goal.” Such a bet might be very useful when the favorite has conceded a goal and now tries winning the goal back.

Our team met once even such a situation

There played a not very interesting game in the minor league of Russian championship. We watch the match on BO Marathon and BO Bwin (both of these bookmakers’ offices accepted the live bets on this match). On the 80th minute BO Marathon shows that there was conceded a goal, but BO Bwin did not give such data (the match score was the same).

We were waiting for 2 minutes to be sure that the worker of BO Marathon didn’t make a mistake, and didn’t show the incorrect information. Then we made a bet in BO Bwin on “What team will score the next goal”, the coefficient was 6.3, we were amazed, but the bet was accepted.

And in 5 minutes Bwin showed that a goal was scored. Yes, it happens that the employees of bookmakers’ offices work badly. Sometimes it helps us to improve our wealth. The bet was accepted, and nobody tried to cancel it.

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