Final EURO 2012 Prognosis

EURO 2012 Final Prognosis

The strongest teams come to the epic end. EURO 2012 final is held on July 1, in the Olympic Stadium, Kiev. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Four giants to fight to the death for such a tempting trophy. Let’s check these teams chances to become Europe Cup winner. So, what team has the best betting odds?

Teams Analysis to Compare Betting Odds


This team has win passion in their blood. All Spain players are true professionals who have their individual game style. Being players of respected Barcelona and Real Madrid, Spanish players can boast of high speed and fierce attacks strategy. Such techniques has already helped them to become EURO 2008 champions as well as World Cup 2010 winners. It seems that this time wise Vicente del Bosque also has some smart tactics to lead the team to the top of Europe.


Portugal also has a lot of players from Real Madrid. Good tactics, powerful attacks and thought-out defence. The rule is simple – follow the decisions of experienced coach and you achieve the path to the final. You also should not forget about famous Cristiano Ronaldo. He can make the whole game. To get the victory. Just keep waiting for his destiny-make goals.


Italy plays “nice”. And even better. Cesare Prandelli, their coach, can impress us with more interesting tactics to perform. Italy do impress. For example, during the match with magnetic Spain and powerful England. The game versa Spain ended with a draw while match with England led to penalties that brought victory to Italy (4:2) Isn’t it a good football to appreciate?

The key feature of this team is balance. Everything and everyone are in their right places to create a perfect combination of smashing attack and cautious defence.


Stable performance. High quality techniques. Persistence in their desire and tactics to get the trophy. Avoiding too much fuss, Germany shows us smart attacks as well as confident defence. The whole squad is in good physical shape ready to fight for the best award presenting us powerful football. Just wait till Germans make their crucial steps in the end of the match.

Final Match EURO 2012 Summary

BettingSet experts prognosis: Germany or Spain. Definitely. They are the only favourites to smash their rivals on the way to so desired trophy. Of course, these both teams need enough power to defeat other challengers for EURO 2012 trophy.