How To Bet With Success

Today I am releasing betting tips from real life. All these examples are tested on practice. So you can be sure that they work good.

Some Practice Tips For Those Who Need To Improve Their Betting Results

It is obligatory to define the amount of money, which you are ready to assign for betting, for example, weekly or monthly put it aside and use it only for you stakes. Never stake money, which is assigned for another very important purpose, especially not your money or ticked money. Having defined the amount, think prettily whether you ready to lose this amount of money. If you are not sure, just put the game aside till the better time.

Than visit all the bookmakers’ offices in your city, and take the rules (they have to give them to you). Every bookmaker’s office might have some nuances, which may affect the fortune of your bets. (For instance, you stake on the draw of a hokey match, being sure that the outcome of your stake will be acknowledged when the regular time is up, but in fact, it will appear that this bookmaker, accepting the stakes, counts the overtime as well.)

You should ask the staff of the office if you can’t understand some incomprehensible things in the rules. Also visit every bookmaker office when there are many outcomes for a day, and take their lines – the list of outcomes, bets on the odds of which are accepted by the bookmaker.

Compare the lines for the same days of these offices, and define what office offers you more opportunities for betting, more outcomes, higher odds and so on.

According to these and other data chose one or two offices where you are going to bet.

Online Vs Offline Sports Betting

In principle, you can only play “online’, but it’s sometimes better to begin with “offline”. First of all there are no problems with payments and payouts, secondly if it doesn’t go well, you don’t need to return the remains of the deposit (which might be lower than the minimal required amount of money), and thirdly the money that you are handing is psychologically more difficult to waste than that, which you have putted in your internet account (i.e. you have already lost them), and which is now just some physically printed on the keyboard numbers.

After this, I would recommend you for some time (a week or two) to bet “fictitiously”, i.e. having analyzed the line and chosen the outcomes, write down your variants and amounts of your bets on a sheet of paper, but do not make the real bets. So you will be able to evaluate yourself, and understand where you have overrated your forecaster’s possibilities.

A week is too little time, of course, for it, but most of us consider themselves to be the experts of this or that sport. But as soon as you try to deal (i.e. to bet), it appears that your business are progressing not very good (sometimes even very bad), and it is of course quite unexpected for you.

Generally every time when you try a new strategy, it is better for you to bet on “a sheet of paper” for some weeks, and do not use the real money. Try different variants, which are provided by the rules: ordinaries, systems, expresses, and understand the idea of these variants as well (as the practice shows, most of the bettors, especially beginners, cannot understand essence of the systems).