How To Move From Offline To Online Sports Betting #1

Having tried “offline” betting, you can move further to the “online” bets. They are comfortable for accepting the bets in any time, from any places, where you can find a computer and internet, and frequently they propose the higher odds.

The main problem here is the deposit (the transferring of money on a virtual account, from which your money will be taken for making bets) and money receiving (in case of success, the won money is also entered in your account).

Means of Payment in Online Sports Betting

All the internet offices accept the credit cards for you deposits readily (the won money they transfer to your credit card less readily), and some of them propose for it more than one way: bank transfer, check, Western Union, electronic payment systems (eGold, PayPal…). Using of the last ones is cheaper, easier and faster, but it is less reliably as well.

But having passed the first stage, so to say “having played”, we can move to the more serious stage. Evaluate your possibilities both financial and mental, psychological, choose the financial and game strategies, select the appropriate for you sports, competitions, and bet!

But before remember forever: all the bookmakers work only to provide themselves with profit.

Anyway they guarantee this profit by means of odds manipulations, but the lost bettor’ bets increase their profit as well. Only a few bettors receive some gain from betting. If you play not only for fun, but to gain some income, you should not count the number of your wins and losses, but the balance of your bank, it means that your incomes (of your wins) must overweigh your costs (of your bets).

It seems obviously, but most of people do not pay enough attention to it. You can win a great percentage of the total number of your bets, but your bank might be cut down. And vice versa winning only twenty percent of your bets, you may increase your capital. All these depend on the tactics you choose, and perhaps a wrong chosen short-term game may yield a greater loss, than a mistaken long-term playing.