Tips For Beginners: How To Be Successful In Sports Betting #2

Here I continue to explain how to be successful in betting if you have just started recently to bet. So in other words this is valuable advices for amateurs or repeating copybook maxims for experts 🙂

The first post about this topic – Online Sports Betting: Advices For Beginners

And now

Real Sports Betting Advices

  • Don’t be afraid to bet on the teams, which are not the favorites. Here in most cases you can find the valuable bets, especially on the odds, during the long period of time.
  • Do not try betting every day. Sometimes it is better not to stake at all, as the most games in the line are useless and have no value.
  • Avoid betting on your favorite teams. Do not allow your prejudices to overcome the sensible calculations.
  • Look for bigger lines, as they give more opportunities and more options for betting. You can find many profitable bets in the lines of the championships of the lowest leagues, as the bookmakers do not pay much attention to them and sometimes make some mistakes.
    Study the starting line-up, players’ injures, the weather conditions in the stadium. This information might be the key one.
  • Avoid the express bets. Believe me, it is not profitable.
  • The bookmakers consciously understate the line of favorites in the matches, which will be translated on the television, because they know the most people will bet on the favorites. Bet on the underdogs in such matches, and you won’t feel sorry.
  • Use the forums to receive the information from the regions, where the games will be played. This information might me very useful.
  • Watch the line changes. And you will be able to see, what sport events are betted by most people. And basing on these facts you can make your own conclusion.
  • Sometimes you might lose, it is inevitable. Even the best bettors sometimes lose. That is why it’s very important to manage your Bank for Bets very carefully. Many bettors say that 2-3% from you bank is the ideal bet.
  • Don’t try to win your money back. It is so called “overtaking” – the right way to your bankruptcy.
  • Never stake more than you can lose. It should become your “golden rule”
  • Stakes on the NFL games before the season.
  • Keep your eyes on the new team trainers. They are eager to show their possibility and have more serious attitude to the pre-season games.
  • Pay attention to the teams, which played bad in the previous season. Their trainers must be very motivated by those games.
  • Bet on the teams, two quarterbacks of which struggle for a place in the line-up, and are quite equal to each other. Nobody of them wants to be left without their job, and so they do their best in each game.