Moving From Offline To Online Sports Betting #2

This is continuation of the topic. I would like to devote one more post to moving from offline betting to online one. Read how to do that carefully ;-).

The first post is available here – How To Move From Offline To Online Sports Betting

By all means write down your bets. It’s enough to write the date, the amount of your stake and amount of your wins, and strike an intermediate balance once per month or couple of weeks. We always lose more than we think, as the winnings are kept in our minds for a long time, but losses, especially little ones (which though form the bulk of our bets), we consider to be a little hardship, “bad luck”, and forget some of them.

And then we amaze, why has the money, which were put aside for betting in the bank, been finished? And it’s worse when you don’t have a bank, but spend your “free” money from your own budget. In such a case you might be waiting for the following wages, having no money. So it is very important to count your bets and money. And if you use several tactics at the same time, it’s better to keep record of each of them separately.

Real Goals When Bet Online

Form the real aims: if you are ready to deposit your money in a bank only for 10 annual percent, why do you try to get a great profit, and depose a little money? Of course many people like realizing that they can bet just 100 $ and win 100 000$. But in fact you should understand that you do not have more chances for this than for winning the same prize in a lottery. And if you are able to increase your capital, but not to decrease it, it will be good. The most of bettors who try to enrich fast, can’t boast about it.

Bet only on the outcomes, you are good at.

Your friends’ advices, the advices of the frequent customers’ of the bookmaker offices, bets, which are based only on the “bare” statistics of the teams, or on the rumors, which guarantee you the correct result of this or that match, must not be followed.
“Tipsters” on some internet web sites are something different. And some of their forecasts may be believed, especially when the history of these forecasts has proved them to be reliable. But even though you shouldn’t bet on the unknown outcomes.