Real Tips For Online Sports Betting #3

Continuation of listing tips for productive betting. If you like hockey, like to bet on these sports events this post is for you.

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Betting Tips For Regular NFL Season

  • Avoid such stakes as -2,5;-6,6;-9,5. They are the traps for bettors who think: “They can win only making a fieldgoal, a touchdown or fieldgoal + touchdown.” Play against such lines and during the long playing you won’t be the loser.
  • The following things should draw your attention before betting: ratings, the history of the personal matches, injures, the weather, the line changing, the statistics of the offensive ability against the defensive one, which teams play good at home and which away matches, the preparation of a team (if a team played on Monday evening, it has fewer time for training than others), timetable (a team may have a series of losses, but you should consider whether it has lost against the “star teams”.)
  • You can economize bulk of money playing in offices, which offer the lines with reduced margin, for instance, in PinnacleSports.