Sports Betting: Practical Advices #4

Today I will talk about baseball betting tips. What guidelines you should follow in order to get good earnings in this sport.

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Tips For Online Baseball Bets

  • Do not stake too early! The trainer of a team may change the pitcher just in one hour before the game!
  • Witch the statistics of “the hitters against the pitchers”, this information might be very useful!
  • Check the pitchers’ playing against the particular teams, as every pitcher has his own “favorite” teams, against which they usually play very good, and “unloved” ones against which they usually play, vice versa, bad.
  • Check the weather forecast, as the strong breeze may affect the result of a match.
  • Before using the statistic data of “the hitters against the pitchers”, check where they have been appeared from! Sometimes they may mislead you. For instance, Kenny Rogers’ ERA rating is 7.5… But after checking the statistics of the games, he appeared to have played 10 matches and in one of them he received 9 runs and 2 innings. It very distorts the statistics and makes a wrong impression of the player’s talents.
  • Use the statistics of home/away matches very often, as some players feel comfortable in one environment but not in the other. Let’s consider, for example, Jeff Cirillo. His statistics of hitting is .100 in the home matches, and .320 in the away matches. It is useful to know such things.
  • Bet on the totals! Definitely, there is a number of reasons for the bookmakers to set low limits on such kinds of stakes. Here you can overplay the bookmakers easily, as the totals are simple to be examined. Betting on the totals, first of all examine the information and then gain your prize!